Everything is comprised of two elements–an essence defined in tandem–form and function. Form is the way in which something takes shape and makes a statement visually within physical space. Function is the way in which something proves its worth by fulfilling a need, a service that can manifest in or outside of tangibility. The intersection of form and function occurs on a foundational level; both are deeply intertwined with one another, building and creating a symbiotic dependency in which one cannot exist without the other.
Truly a passion project, Form + Function is the result of years of attempts to bring to light what design means on a personal level. It was there, at the core of design, that the foundational elements of form and function emerged. To articulate the intangible is a challenge within itself, but to do so for personal representation is a deeper journey. In an effort to convey the subjectivity of art without disrupting the integrity of the brand, the decision was made to have an emblem that transforms based on the situation at hand. While the structure of the emblem never changes, different sides are subtly brought to light. A bold color palette was chosen to reinforce the mission of the brand; yet, with adaptability in mind, any color will highlight the sharp details of the wordmark and emblem.

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